onsdag den 12. december 2007

Køb uran på Amazon - årets julegave til hobbyterroristen?

Dette er uden tvivl det bedste produkt Amazon nogensinde har solgt! Uran malm - need I say more? Det sjoveste er imidlertid anmeldelserne fra mere eller mindre tilfredse kunder. Utvivlsomt dagens bedste grin!

Her er et udpluk af både positive og negative tilbagemeldinger, men gør dig selv den tjeneste og gå ind og læs resten!

"This product was not properly labeled as unsafe for children! I had bought this to power an invention I had picked up at Professor Manglebot's garage sale, but the twins got into the can and now I have two fused three year old boys who keep burning holes into the carpet with their eyes."

"When mixed with Tuscan whole milk I gained the power to control deceased woodland creatures. I am now in the process of raising an army of undead wombats to overthrow the government from deep within my volcanic lair. Soon you all will bow down before the wombat king!"

"My son is only 6'2 and if he wishes to be an NFL QB, well then, mutation is the best possible avenue now that human growth hormone is banned. I put this stuff on his cereal in the AM and now after a month he stands at 8'1. Can you say signing bonus?"

Uranium Ore

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