fredag den 29. februar 2008

Hubba Bubba Hacks

Denne form for guerilla marketing fra Hubba Bubba kan vist bedst betegnes som "adhacking". Store lyserøde balloner blev sat fast på andres reklameposters, så det så ud som om, at de tyggede Hubba Bubba tyggegummi. Sjov idé, men man kan næsten høre sagsanlæggene komme væltende...

Hubba Bubba is th ebubble gum for the biggest and most breathtaking bubbles. Communicate this in an emotional, innovative and - most for all- amusing way.

Big balloons that lool like Hubba Bubba bubbles were attached to existing advertisments throughout the city. This included several billboards, citylights and advertisements coumns.

All the cool, stylish and serious models in the other advertisements suddenly became amusing and likeable "bubble gum bubble blowers".
This transformation resulted in thousands of smiling faces and pointing fingers. Thus the fun of the "Hubba Bubba experience" became highly visible.

Via Scary Ideas

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